Licheng District Federation of Industry and Commerce Love Enterprise Spring Festival Visit Condolences

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The Spring Festival is approaching, the friendship is strong! On February 7, the Licheng District Federation of Industry and Commerce and a number of well-known caring enterprises in Licheng District carried out in-depth visits and condolences. Xing Junan, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Licheng District Committee and secretary of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and a number of enterprises visited Donggou Village and Kangjingmeng Village for people with living difficulties, to learn more about their production, living conditions and existing difficulties, and sent them rice, flour, peanut oil and other living materials, New Year blessings.

The total amount of love condolences this time reached tens of thousands of yuan. The well-known love enterprises that participated in the visit were Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Oswald Group, Shanghai Runsheng Digital Technology Group, and Jinan Points Help Venture Co., Ltd.

During this visit and condolences, the people in need deeply felt the warmth sent by the caring companies, and they could only express their inner gratitude and express their inner gratitude with a voice of thanks; the entrepreneurs were also deeply moved through this condolences., In the future, on the road to poverty alleviation, do their best to pass on the cause of love, respond to the national policy of "poverty alleviation" in 2020, and contribute their own strength! Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission!

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