RDW series high temperature durable creep testing machine

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Main purpose:
  This series of persistent creep testing machine is mainly used for metal, non-metal, alloy materials and structural components, etc. in the high-temperature environment of the creep performance and persistent strength properties, is the metallurgical department, scientific research institutions, quality supervision departments, aerospace, vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, colleges and universities, such as material properties of the examination and research of special equipment.
The main technical guidance:
1、Maximum test force: 100kN
2、Measuring range of test force: 1%~100%FS
3、Measuring accuracy of testing machine: 0.5 grade
4、Test force resolution: 1/500,000, fully nominal and not graded
5、Deformation measurement range:1%~100%FS
6、Deformation resolution: 1/500,000, nominal, not graded
7、Relative error of displacement: ±0.5%.
8、Displacement resolution: 0.001mm
9, rate control adjustment range: 0.01 ~ 50mm / min
10、Up and down collet eccentricity: ≤ 10%
11、Maximum stroke of tie rod: 200mm
12、Weight of main machine: 500kg
13、Temperature range:200~1100℃
14、Homogenizing belt length: 150mm
15、Operating environment:10~30℃,relative humidity≤80%.


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