New staff field test operation training

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On March 4, all the sales staff of Tianchen Testing Machine gathered in the factory area of Tianchen Intelligent Industrial Park and started intensive equipment practical training as soon as they went to work. If you want to do something, you must first sharper your skills. The current epidemic situation is a good time for military training.

From electronic universal, hydraulic universal, steel bar bending, to pipe construction and testing, steel strand stretching, to anchoring, relaxation, doors and windows, as well as empty formaldehyde boxes, VOC, etc., the whole day's practical operation courses are full of expectations.

Look, the brand-new equipment is neatly displayed, like the guards on the column, waiting for inspection, and the scene is immediately filled with a serious atmosphere.

As soon as the bell rang, the intense and full practical training began.

Each experiment was demonstrated by the technical department's masters first, and then the students practiced one by one. When the teachers demonstrated, everyone was engrossed and eager to try. When they got on the computer, they were nervous and excited. Only when the test was successful did they dare to cheer when they got off the test station. Don't mention the joy!

Looking at the woolly appearance of the new employees, the old employees can't help but become teaching teachers on the spot. You can see that they have a lot of tricks and looks good. Although some of them are very young, they are all "old people" who have been in the testing machine industry for more than ten years, they are all experts in the eyes of the students.

Finally, Mr. Yao stressed that all personnel should take good notes and study hard when they go back. If they want to serve customers well in the future, they must achieve "one understanding, two communications and three meetings". First, understand: detection principle; Two-way: through equipment structure, through national standards; Three meetings: on-site tests, training of customer employees, and troubleshooting of simple faults.

The full practical training ended in the bell after work, and the students were still discussing something.

At this time, in the afterglow of March sunset, the sky blue factory building is particularly dazzling.

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