Tianchen testing machine sticks to the first line of production

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At 8 a.m. on February 10, Jinan Young Entrepreneurs Association member unit, Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially resumed work. The difference from previous years is that there is less hand-holding fists between the workers and the masters, and the low and powerful greeting "Happy New Year!" from the big fellow in Shandong! ", Instead, they waved and nodded. Everyone consciously and orderly queued up for body temperature measurement, disinfection and inspection of protective measures before entering their posts, testing machines, testing circuits, directly entering their own work stations, and methodically putting into intense production tasks.
Wang Ligang, general manager of Tianchen testing machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said, "without strict protection, blindly resuming work is to add chaos to the country." The current epidemic, can not tolerate the slightest sloppy, before the formal resumption of work, the company's relevant responsible person repeatedly discussed, and finally finalized a detailed and strict resumption of work epidemic prevention and control program, the program stipulates that the responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic step by step refinement, from the workshop, team, to the individual, everyone must strictly abide. At the same time, the company implements intelligent management, and employees accept work tasks through the enterprise WeChat terminal, avoiding uncontrollable risks caused by direct contact.
Mr. Wang emphasized that as a member of the builders of the motherland, we stick to the front line of production. We advocate that colleagues in the technology industry cheer together, serve the country based on the industry, and make due contributions to the construction of the motherland! Let's make concerted efforts to see the fog and clouds of the motherland in the future, and we will definitely return my great beauty, sunshine and blue sky!

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