Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has become a member of "Shandong Technology Entrepreneurship Association"

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Recently, after strict data review and performance evaluation, Jinan Tianchen Testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the membership certificate of "Shandong Technology Entrepreneurship Association" and officially became a member unit of Shandong Technology Entrepreneurship Association.

It is understood that the Technology Entrepreneurship Association is a professional organization voluntarily formed by innovation fund service institutions, high-tech entrepreneurship service centers, university science parks, venture capital institutions, science and technology enterprises and other related institutions and individuals. It is a non-profit social organization that provides all-round services for its members. Member units are mainly organizations that have a certain influence in the field of technology entrepreneurship.

Technological innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises. In recent years, Jinan Tianchen testing machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has implemented the intellectual property strategy. Through the combination of production, teaching and research and independent innovation, the R & D capability and the level of scientific and technological innovation have been continuously improved. It has made remarkable achievements in the field of product innovation in the manufacturing industry. It has obtained a number of patented software copyrights and won the honorary certificate.

The selection of the member unit of "Shandong Technology Entrepreneurship Association" is a recognition of the company's achievements in promoting enterprise technological progress and enterprise technological innovation management. In the next step, Jinan Tianchen testing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will increase investment in research and development, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, further improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, and play an exemplary and leading role in promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city.

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