LVU-2 of impact sample notch electric pulling machine


Key words:

Product Details

Impact sample notch electric pulling machineLVU-2

Main purpose:
This testing machine meetsGB229 and other relevant national standards, can be configured according to user requirements V-shaped or U-shaped broach, metallurgy, boiler and pressure vessels, vehicles and ships, engineering machinery manufacturing and scientific research departments of physical and chemical testing laboratory necessary special equipment.
The testing machine can successfully draw two standard sample notches at one time, and the sample notches are processed and formed at one time. The broach is made of special materials and special processes, with high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life.
Technical parameters:



Notch Type of Machined Specimen

V type or U type

Processing sample size

10 × 10 × 55(mm)

broaching speed


broach stroke



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