Shock specimen notch projector CST-50


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Shock specimen notch projector CST-50

Mainly used to check CharpySpecial optical instrument for notched machining quality of V-and U-shaped impact specimens. According to the standard GB/ T229 "metal Charpy notch impact test method"
Table size        Table size110 × 125mm

Table diameter 90mm

Table glass diameter70mm

Workbench travel

Vertical ±10mm

Transverse ±10mm

Lifting ±12mm

Rotation range of workbench 0 ~ 360°

Instrument Magnification 50X

objective magnification  2.5X

Projection objective magnification  20x

Light source (halogen tungsten lamp) 12V 100W

Power  220V 50Hz

Overall dimension 515 × 224 × 603mm

Weight   18kg

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