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1. uses:
This machine is mainly used for the notched preparation of non-metallic samples used in cantilever beam and simply supported beam impact testing machine. It can cut one or more samples at a time, and the notch size of the sample is accurate.
2. implementation standards:
Meet the sample preparation requirements specified in GB/T1043, GB/T1843, GB/8814, ISO179, ISO180 and other standards.
3. main technical parameters:
1. Tool stroke: 36mm;
2. Feed stroke: 10mm, feed rate adjustable;
3. Sample type: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4;
4. Notch type: A, B, C type;
5. Tool parameters: Type A tool: 45 ° ± 30 ′,r = 0.25±0.025;
Type B cutter: 45 ° ± 30 ′,r = 1±0.025;
Type C cutter: width I = 2±0.2 , r≤ 0.1;
Width II = 0.8±0.1, r ≤ 0.1;
4. product structure:
The preparation machine consists of a machine body, a manual driving device, a sample clamping device, a sample punching device, a sizing device and a knife feeding device.
1. Body: including base, foot screw and bracket.
2. Manual driving device: composed of handwheel, handwheel handle, bearing and eccentric wheel. The handwheel drives the eccentric wheel to rotate, and the tool holder is driven by the bearing to make up and down reciprocating linear motion, so that the tool completes the punching process.
3. Sample clamping device: including pressing block, spring, locking hand nut, rotating pressing hand nut, driving pressing block to press the sample tightly.
4. Sample punching device: composed of tool, tool holder, tool holder and guide post.
5. Sizing device: it is composed of positioning column, sizing block, positioning plate and locking mother. Its function is to determine the center of samples of various sizes and the positional relationship between samples and tools.
6. feed device: by adjusting the hand mother, adjusting rod, slider, guide column, micrometer head, micrometer head bracket.
5. product features:
The use of desktop mechanical structure, test piece card convenient operation, stable and reliable performance.
6. product configuration:

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