Thermal deformation, Vicat softening point temperature tester XWY-300B

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1. main purpose:
Mainly used for various non-metallic materials (such as plastic, rubber, nylon, electrical insulation materials, etc.) thermal deformation and Vicat softening point temperature determination.
2. implementation standards:
1, GB/T1633-2000 "thermoplastic softening temperature (VST) determination";
2, GB/T1634.1-2004 "plastic load deformation temperature determination of the first part: general test method";
3, GB/T1634.2-2004 "plastic load deformation temperature determination of the second part: plastics, hard rubber and long fiber reinforced composites"
4. GB/T 8814-2016 "Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) profiles for doors and window frames"
3. main technical indicators:
1. Accuracy of deformation measurement: 0.01mm;
2. Test range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃;
3. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃;
4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃;
5. Heating rate: 5O ℃ 5 ℃/1h or 120 ℃ 10 ℃/1h;
6. Deformation accuracy: ± 0.01mm;
7. Resolution of deformation display: 0.01mm;
8. Static load range: 1000±5g or 5000±5g;
9. Heating medium: methyl silicone oil or transformer oil;
10. Test unit: 3-way;
11, displacement display optional dual display (digital display and screen display);
12. Heater power: 3000W/220V;
13. Overall dimension: 570 × 790 × 1450mm;
14. Lenovo brand computer, 19-inch LCD monitor;
15. HP color inkjet printer;
16. Weight: 220kg.
4. product functions and features:
1. The computer collects temperature and deformation changes, implements computer control in the whole process, displays the changes of the test process curve in real time and prints the test results.
2. The Excel format of the report can be edited and modified by itself;
3. The special displacement sensor ensures the test accuracy, stability and reliability.
4. The sample frame is automatically lifted, with stable lifting and no noise.
5. The sample installation process is convenient and simple, and the system can enter automatic detection after the sample is clamped.
6. The system is equipped with a cooling system, which can realize the rapid cooling of the heating medium. There is no need to wait between the two groups of tests, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

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