Impact sample low temperature bath DWC


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Impact sample low temperature bathDWC

DWC type impact test low temperature tank is a special auxiliary refrigeration equipment for low temperature impact test, to meet the GB/T229 "metal Charpy notch impact test method" for low temperature device requirements of the temperature control index. Selection of imported high-performance cascade compressor refrigeration, single-chip automatic control (temperature control, timing, alarm), high temperature control accuracy, high refrigeration speed, safe and reliable, simple operation characteristics, is the metal material low temperature impact sample cooling, insulation ideal equipment

Technical parameters:
Temperature control range  30℃ ~ -80℃ (L×H×W)

Ethanol or other not ( buyer’s own )

Constant temperature accuracy :<± 0.5 ℃

Cooling speed :30 ℃ ~ 0 ℃ about 2.0 ℃/min 0 ℃ ~ -20 ℃ about 1.5 ℃/min

-20 ℃ ~-40 ℃ about 1.0 ℃/min -40 ℃ ~-60 ℃ about 0.7 ℃/min

Effective work space :120 × 120 × 70mm (L×W×H)

Impact sample size :10 × 10 × 55mm

Quantity of sample:  >60

Cooling medium: Ethanol or other non-freezing liquid(Purchaser prepared)

Maximum dimensions:900 × 510 × 940mm (length×width×height)

Stirring motor :8W

Working power supply:220~240V,50Hz,1.5KW


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