Product Details

GCF high temperature durable load testing machine

Equipment Introduction:
The testing machine is mainly suitable for high temperature durability test of thermal insulation aluminum alloy building profiles, in lineGB5237 "aluminum alloy building profiles part 6: heat insulation profiles" test requirements, can be widely applied to scientific research institutions, quality inspection institutes and aluminum alloy building profiles production enterprises.

Technical parameters:




Maximum test specimens

50 (Group of 5)

100(10 groups)

Test force


Test force accuracy

± 1%

Loading method of test force

Lever, weight

Maximum test time (h)


High temperature range (℃)

Room temperature -300 adjustable

Accuracy of control temperature (℃)

± 1 ℃

Overall dimension (mm) approx.

1050 × 700 × 1400



Working environment

10-30 ℃, relative humidity 80%


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