High and low temperature environmental testing machine

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High and low temperature environmental testing machine


Equipment Introduction:
The experimental equipment is suitable for industrial products high and low temperatureThe reliability test of (variable) environment can be used in any combination with the main machine according to the different requirements of the use environment. It can complete the tensile, compression, shear and other tests of various metal and non-metal materials under high and low temperature conditions, and can meet the use requirements of various special industries (such as plastics, rubber, etc.). When doing normal temperature test, it is only necessary to remove the test box (or do it in the box without cooling), the temperature controller adopts HMI interface combined with central operation unit and intelligent PID fuzzy control mode. The test temperature is not overshoot, the control precision is high, the stability is good, the color interface is intuitive and easy to operate.

Technical parameters:


High and low temperature environmental box

Inner bore size

240 × 330 × 430mm (can be customized according to user)

Temperature range

-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

Temperature accuracy


Temperature fluctuation is


temperature uniformity

± 2 ℃

Cooling speed

0.7 ~ 1℃/min

Hollow electric heating glass observation window


Temperature control

PID automatic temperature control

Outer wall material

Spray with cold iron plate

Inner wall material

Stainless steel plate material

thermal insulation material

flame retardant thermal insulation material

The door frame and the edge of the door plate are equipped with electric heating device to prevent condensation or frost during low temperature test;

Illumination lamp

1 (moisture-proof, explosion-proof, placed in appropriate position, external control switch)

Air conditioning system


(a) Temperature control

PID automatic temperature control

(B) Air circulation device

centrifugal fan

(c) Heating mode

Nickel-chromium electric heater, forced ventilation internal circulation temperature control

(d) Air cooling mode

compressor refrigeration

(e) Temperature measuring sensor

platinum resistance


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