Product Details

steel bar bending testerGW-40B

Main purpose:

GW-40B type steel bending test machine is a test equipment for bending and plane reverse bending test of steel bars. Its main technical parameters and indexes conform to GB/T1499.2 "Steel for Reinforced Concrete Part 2: hot rolled ribbed steel bar, GB/T28900" steel test method for reinforced concrete ", YB/T5126" reinforced concrete steel bending and reverse bending test method "(instead of GB5029" steel plane reverse bending test method ") standard requirements.
Technical parameters:



Bending bar diameter range


Reinforcement forward bending angle

0°~180°Arbitrary setting

Reverse bending angle of reinforcement

0°~20°Arbitrary setting

Bending speed


Roll center distance


Working disc diameter


Motor power


Equipped with bending center sleeve (mm)

HRB400 (positive bending)

Forward bending core: 4 x Ф 6, 4 x Ф 8,4 x Ф 104xF12 or 4xF14 or 4xF16 or 4xF18.4 x Ф 204 x Ф 22,4 x Ф 255 × Ф 28, 5 × Ф 32, 5 × Ф 36, 5 × Ф 40 each, 14 in total

Overall dimensions of the machine (length × width × height)

1050 × 740 × 1170(mm)

Machine weight

Approximately 700kg

Note: other specifications of the bending core sleeve, by the user according to their own needs to order


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