GW-50T automatic steel bar forward and reverse bending testing machine

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GW-50T fully automaticReinforcementReversebending testing machine


1. concept:

GW-50TTypeFully automaticReinforcementReverseThe bending testing machine is for rebarBending and PlanarTest equipment for reverse bending test,Its main technical parameters are in line withGB/T1499.2Steel for reinforced concrete No.2Part: Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bar ","YB/T5126Steel bending and anti-bending test methods for reinforced concrete,"GB/T232Bending Test Method for Metallic MaterialsGB/T244Metal tube bending test methodBS:4449Carbon steel bars for concrete "and other relevant standardsrequirements in.

2. test items:

The testing machine can be widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, steel frame structure, prefabricated components, construction materials, steel pipe production and other enterprises, as well as quality supervision institutes, engineering quality inspection stations, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and other units, yes.Inspect the cold bending performance and reverse bending performance of threaded steel bars.MissingTest equipment.

3.According to the standard:

GB/T1499.2-2018Steel for reinforced concrete No.2Part:hot rolled ribbed bar"

GB/T232-2010Metallic Materials-Bend Test Method

GB/T244-2008Methods of bending test for metal tubes

YB/T5126-2003Test method for bending and reverse bending of steel bars in reinforced concrete

BS:4449-2005Carbon Rebar for Concrete


4.Technical parameters:


Technical indicators

Maximum bending force


Bending bar diameter range


Reinforcement forward bending angle

0°~180°Arbitrary setting

Reverse bending angle of reinforcement

0°~20Arbitrary setting within °

Allowable Angle Error


Maximum speed of piston displacement

Not less120mm/min

Motor power


Test can be carried out in batch

φ28The following contains φ28More than three tests are completed at the same time, φ32-φ40Specifications2Test completed at the same time

Randomly equipped with curved centerPressure head(mm)

HRB400 (positive bending)

Forward bend core:4× Ф6,4× Ф8,4× Ф10,4× Ф12,4× Ф14,4× Ф16,4× Ф18,4× Ф20,4× Ф22,4× Ф25,5× Ф28,5× Ф32,5× Ф36,5× Ф40 ,6× Ф50   Each1Piece

Randomly equipped with curved centerPressure head(mm)


Reverse bending core: Φ6×5,Φ8×5, Φ10×5, Φ12×5, Φ14×5,Φ16×5, Φ18×5,Φ20×5, Φ22×5, Φ25×5, Φ28×6, Φ32×6, Φ36×6, Φ40×6,F50×7Each1Piece


(positive bend)

Forward bending core: Φ6×6, Φ8×6, Φ10×6, Φ12×6, Φ14×6, Φ16×6, Φ18×6, Φ20×6, Φ22×6, Φ25×6, Φ28×7, Φ32×7, Φ36×7, Φ40×7 ,F50×8Each1Piece



Reverse bending core: Φ6×7, Φ8×7, Φ10×7, Φ12×7, Φ14×7, Φ16×7, Φ18×7, Φ20×7, Φ22×7, Φ25×7, Φ28×8, Φ32×8, Φ36×8, Φ40×8,F50×9Each1Piece

Overall dimensions of the machine(Length × width × height)


Machine weight



Note: bending center of other specificationsPressure head, ordered separately by users according to their own needs

Five, host structure

This testing machine adopts horizontal structure,ByHost Framework,PLC control system, oil source system, span adjustment mechanism, test angle acquisition mechanism, bending loading mechanism,Bending center and sample clamping mechanismSuch as composition.By loading two two-way cylinders, the automatic reverse bending test can be realized, the manual change of sample direction can be avoided, and the work efficiency can be improved. The high-precision angle encoder is used to measure the bending angle, and the control accuracy is high. At the same time, the touch screen is easy to operate, the data display is intuitive, the equipment runs smoothly, the noise is low, and the use is reliable and the life is long.

Six,Equipment features

  1. The main frame is made of thick steel plate, with high strength, no deformation and long service life.
  2. Use of PLC control systemSiemensPLC controller and7 inchColorColor TouchScreen, high acquisition rate, fast response speed, accurate data display,Can automatically adjust the span, one-button loading,Automatic realization of positive bending90 degrees, reverse bend 20 degrees.
  3. The oil source system adoptsServo valve control, high control precision, smooth loading.
  4. The span adjustment mechanism adopts servo motor control,Screw drive, optical axis guide, high positioning accuracy.
  5. Angle acquisition mechanism selectionHigh precisionAngle encoder,Directly installed under the rotating roller, read the rotation angle of the roller, the data is more accurate and reliable.
  6. The bending loading mechanism adopts two loading cylinders, respectively, for the positive bending loading cylinder and the reverse bending loading cylinder, which avoids the replacement of the pressure head and the turning of the sample during the test of the same cylinder.
  7. The bending center is quenched, with high hardness, wear resistance and long service life. The specimen clamping mechanism can meet the requirements of simultaneously carrying out multiple specimen tests,φ28The followingCan3complete the test at the same time,φ32-φ40, Can2Complete the test at the same time.



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