Electro-hydraulic control cold bending testing machine GWL-50

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Electro-hydraulic control cold bending testing machineGWL-50

Main purpose:
The testing machine is suitable for metal materialsThe bending test of (pipe, bar, plate, threaded steel for construction) is carried out by hydraulic two-way cylinder. After the main cylinder forms a cold bending of the sample, the horizontal auxiliary cylinder works to make the sample interference. After unloading, the bending angle is equal to the set angle, which is an ideal choice for high-end laboratories. Meet GB/T232 "metal material bending test method".
Technical parameters:



Maximum test force


Host structure form

Three-cylinder, three-position design

Roller spacing adjustment

Ruler pointer type adjustment

Bending range

Bending at any angle such as 180 ℃, 90 ℃ and 60 ℃

Roller spacing


Diameter of supporting roller


Specifications of bending core seat

2 round bend cores (φ20, 45mm)/1 flat bending core

Common bending core (optional)

Φ (6.5 、 8 、 10 、 12 、 14 、 16 、 20 、 24 、 32 、 36 、 40 、 48 、 56 、 60 、 70 、 75 、 88 、 100 、 112 、 128)mm

Max. bending bar diameter


Main piston stroke


Side piston stroke


Primary piston no-load propulsion speed


Side piston no-load propulsion speed


Maximum thickness of bending test piece


Maximum span


Overall dimension

1680 × 600 × 1580mm




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