Conveyor belt dynamic joint durability strength testing machine

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Conveyor belt dynamic joint durability strength testing machine SDJN-02

Working principle:
meetMT/T318.1 "Technical conditions for mechanical joints of conveyor belts for coal mines.

The test bench adopts high-power imported frequency conversion speed control controller with three-phase frequency conversion speed control motor through a large speed ratio deceleration system to carry out precise stepless speed control of the sample speed. The tension system adopts the synchronous loading design of double high-power AC servo system.

The synchronous loading system has two functions:

1. High precision synchronous loading up to 200KN tension;

2. The system can provide a constant tension correction operation when the sample belt is offset.

Under the control of the central electronic control system, the system starts the synchronous loading mechanism to load the tension of the sample strip. When the load reaches half of the rated tension, the system control starts:1. Counting system. 2. The variable frequency speed regulation system starts slowly. 3. Start the correction system. After accelerating to the rated speed, the system controls the tension loading system to gradually load the rated tension.

The system is in operation, real-time monitoring of tension changes, and through constant tension control, so that the sample tension constant at the rated tension.Within ± 1%; At the same time, when the sample belt is found to be offset, start the constant tension correction operation at any time. When the system detects that the tension drops sharply, the tension load reaches the limit, and the one-way continuous correction time out, the system brakes urgently and stores the current state and data.
Technical parameters:



Perimeter of the test specimen ring


Specimen width


Linear speed adjustment range


Maximum tensile force of specimen

20-250KN (can be arbitrarily set)

Tension loading distance

≥ 1750mm

Tension display accuracy

≤ ± 0.5%

Tension value error

≤ ± 1%

Turnaround counting error

≤ ± 0.1%

Continuous operation time

≥ 400 hours

Number of rollers

φ 250 × 4 pieces (piece), φ 455 × 4 pieces, φ 610 × 4 pieces, φ 800 × 4 pieces, φ 1000 × 4 pieces

Roller speed range


Maximum power consumption

12KW (three-phase four-wire system) 380V AC (AC)

Overall dimension

Length (L):6.5m; Width (W):800mm; Height (H):3.5m




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