Product Details

Falling hammer tearing tester
Primary Use:
The equipment is used for the metal materials for the drop hammer tear (DWTT) test testing equipment
Implementation standard:
GB8363 "ferritic steel drop hammer tear test method"
APARP * 5L3 "American Petroleum Institute Recommended Methods".
ASTM E436 Standard Method for Falling Hammer Dynamic Tear Test for Ferritic Steels
ASTM E604 Standard Test Method for Dynamic Tear Testing of Metallic Materials
Technical parameters:


name (of a thing)

Falling hammer tearing tester

Maximum impact energy

30000J (expandable to 100000J)

Maximum impact speed


Hammer base mass


Maximum hammer mass


Radius of curvature of drop hammer blade


Radius of curvature of support jaws


Spans and centre deviations of drop bearings


Maximum lifting height mm


Hardness of the support surface between the cutter and the jaws of the holder


Specimen specification

300 x 75 x (6-32) mm

Automatic Sample Delivery Cycle


Sample collection device

Automatically sent out of the tester

Residual energy buffer

Dual mechanical-hydraulic combined buffers

energy setting device (computing)

Omron Rotary Encoders

Overall dimensions



Approx. 5000kg

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