WDS touch screen electronic universal testing machine

The testing machine is suitable for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing and other tests of metal and non-metallic materials, such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, composite materials, plastic profiles, metal bars, plates, springs, components, etc. Can perform GB,ISO,JIS,DIN,ASTM and other test standards, and can be edited according to user needs test software. It is a necessary testing instrument for quality inspection units, scientific research departments, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises.

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Product Details

WDW desktop microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine


Performance characteristics:
The machine is driven by AC servo motor to move the beam. The fully digital multi-channel closed-loop measurement and control system configured by the product is the latest generation of measurement and control system developed by applying many advanced professional technologies. The control software can automatically obtain conventional data such as tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, non-proportional elongation strength RP0.2. Three closed-loop control can be realized. During the test, various test curves such as force-displacement, force-time, stress-strain, etc. can be displayed in real time, and can automatically switch at any time, observation and comparison. The control and data processing of the test process by the computer control system fully meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards.

Automatic zero clearing, automatic shifting or non-dividing, automatic calibration, automatic storage, single control mode or multi-step program control mode can be selected for testing. After the sample is broken, it will stop automatically, the test data will be saved and analyzed automatically, and it can assist manual analysis, batch test, batch processing and automatic statistical results. The interface is beautiful, the function is complete, the expansion is convenient, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

Technical parameters:






Maximum test force





Accuracy Class

0.5 level

Test force measurement range

0.4% - 100% FS

Indication error of test force


Test force resolution

1/500000(1000000) of the maximum test force, with no gear in the whole process.

Indication error of beam displacement


Displacement resolution

0.015 μm

Force control rate adjustment range

0.005 ~ 5%FS/S

Force Control Rate Control Accuracy

Rate <0.05 FS/s, within ± 2% of the set value; rate ≥ 0.05 FS/s, within ± 0.5 of the set value

Adjustment range of deformation rate

0.005 ~ 5%FS/S

deformation rate control accuracy

Rate <0.05 FS/s, within ± 2% of the set value; rate ≥ 0.05 FS/s, within ± 0.5 of the set value

Cross beam speed adjustment range

0.001 ~ 500mm/min

Relative error of beam speed

Within ± 0.2% of set value

Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range

0.5% ~ 100%FS

Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control accuracy

When the set value is ≥ 10% FS, it is within 0.1% of the set value; When the set value is less than 10% FS, it is within 1% of the set value.

Stretch space (without fixture)


Compress space


Effective test width


Overall dimension (mm)

780 × 480 × 1160

Host power supply




Host weight

About 200Kg

About 350Kg




Large deformation measurement range

10 ~ 800mm


1. Fixture and deformation measuring device and other accessories, according to customer demand configuration.

Large deformation indication error

Within ± 2% of the indication

2. Local adjustment can be made according to user requirements.

large deformation resolution


3. Special heighening and widening of the test space can be customized.


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