Static load anchorage testing machine MGW-6500

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Static load anchorage testing machine MGW-6500

The machine is used for static load anchorage performance test of prestressing fixture and anchorage, it can detect the static load anchorage efficiency coefficient ηа of stranded wire anchorage or fixture assembly and the total strain apu when reaching the measured ultimate tension, it is widely used in the production enterprises of fixture and anchorage, highway construction, quality inspection station of construction and engineering and other units.
Conforms to GB/T 14370 Anchorage, Fixture and Connector for Prestressing JT/T 329 Anchorage, Fixture and Connector for Prestressing Steel Strand for Highway Bridges, etc.
Technical parameters:

model number


Maximum test force


Accuracy of test force

±1% of the displayed value

Measuring range of test force

2 per cent to 100 per cent FS

Test force resolution


displacement resolution


Tension distance (excluding piston stroke)


Piston Displacement Measurement Range


Piston Displacement Measurement Accuracy

<When <10mm, the absolute error is less than ±0.1mm
When >10mm, the relative error of display value is less than ±1%.

Dimensions of mainframe (L×W×H)

3400 x 800 x 800 (excluding piston stroke)

Power supply, total power

Three-phase four-wire 380V,6.5KW

Host Quality

Approx. 6000kg

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