MRH-3 of high speed ring block wear testing machine

Key words:

Product Details

High-speed ring block wear testing machineMRH-3
Main purpose:
This testing machine is mainly used for testing the lubricating properties of various lubricating oils and greases, especially suitable for medium and high-grade automobile gear oils, suchThe simulation evaluation of GL-3, GL-4, GL-5 and other anti-scratch performance can also be used to evaluate the wear performance test of various metal and non-metallic materials.
Technical parameters:



Maximum test force


Test force accuracy

≤ ± 1%

Maximum measured friction


Friction accuracy

≤ ± 2%

Spindle speed range

100 ~ 2000r/min(200~ 5000r/min)

spindle speed error

≤ ± 2%

Spindle revolution display range

0 ~ 9999999r

Time display and control range

0 ~ 9999s(min)

Test oil temperature range

Room temperature ~ 100 ℃

Temperature control accuracy

≤ ± 2%

Standard Test Ring Size

Φ49.22 × 13.06(mm)

Standard Block Size

Φ12.32 × 19.05(mm)

Overall dimensions of the host

1000 × 700 × 1500(mm)


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