Microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic pressure testing machine YAW-B

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Microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic pressure testing machi

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Microcomputer control electro-hydraulic pressure tester YAW-B

Main purpose:This testing machine is mainly used for cement, concrete specimens and concrete components and other building materials such as compressive strength test, equipped with special accessories can be used for red brick compression test, is the construction engineering testing units, quality supervision departments, colleges and universities, and large industrial and mining enterprises in the laboratory of the ideal testing equipment. Control software part of the full digital multi-channel closed-loop measurement and control system integrates many international technology and professional development of the latest generation of test machine measurement and control system, using constant force, constant displacement, and so on.

Constant force, constant displacement, such as a variety of control methods, the test process can be displayed in real time force - displacement, force - time and other test curves, and can be automatically switched smoothly, and automatically retrieve the data specified in the relevant standards.
Equipment features:
The host adopts double-column design, the whole machine is compact and reasonable layout.

Precision electro-hydraulic servo-proportional valves, fast response, high control accuracy, strong anti-pollution ability.

With mechanical limit piston stroke protection device to ensure the safety of the test.

Equipped with overload protection, when the load exceeds 2%~5% of the maximum value, it will stop by itself.

The test force can be divided into three grades or not according to user requirements.

Real-time recording of "force - time" test curve.

Automatic completion of batch test, automatic judgment of broken shape, automatic recording and saving of test results.
[Execution standard]:

GB/T7314 Room temperature compression test method for metallic materials

GB/T50081 Standard Test Method for Mechanical Properties of Ordinary Concrete

GB/T50266 engineering rock test method standard


Technical Parameters


model number



Maximum test force



Accuracy level

0.5 level/1 level

Measuring range of test force


Test force loading speed

0.02% to 100%FS/s

Test force resolution

1/500000 of the maximum deformation

Mainframe Structure

Large space, double column

Effective distance between columns(mm)


Distance between upper and lower platen (mm)


Upper and lower platen size (mm)


Platen spacing adjustment method

Electric lift adjustment

Piston stroke


Dimensions of main unit (L×W×H) mm


External dimensions of oil source (L×W×H) mm

1150 x 600 x 900

power supply



Approx. 3100kg

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