Cement flexural compressive testing machine YAW-300E

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Cement flexural compressive testing machine YAW-300E

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Cement flexural and compressive testing machine YAW-300E
Main purpose:
YAW-300E type microcomputer control compressive and flexural testing machine is a new generation of pressure testing machine newly developed by our company, which adopts one oil cylinder to realize the test of compressive strength of cement and flexural strength of cement respectively, and adopts high-precision digital servo valve with closed-loop control function of force, which is capable of realizing equal loading rate loading. With high control precision and good reliability, it can meet the relevant standards of cement compressive and flexural strength test stipulated in ISO-R679 "Cement Test Methods" and GB/T17671 "Cement Sand Strength Test Methods".
Technical parameters:
1. maximum test force 300kN (compressive) 10000N (flexural)
2. Measuring accuracy range 1%~100% 3.
3. display value accuracy ±0.5% 4.
4. loading rate 0.3kN/S~10kN/S (compressive) 50N/s (flexural)
5. Accuracy of loading rate ±5
6. Distance between upper and lower platen 120mm   
7. Size of pressure plate Φ160mm(compressive) 65x116mm(flexural)
8. Maximum piston stroke 80mm
9. Piston diameter Φ140mm
10 Maximum oil pressure 25Mpa
11 Rated flow rate of oil pump 1.52L/min
12. motor power 0.75KW
13 Overall Dimension L×W×H 1090×530×1400
14 Net weight about 500kg


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