CJS-2124 door and window mechanical performance detector

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CJS-2124 door and window mechanical performance detector

Main use:
This machine is mainly used for flat push window(door), sliding window (door) mechanical performance testing. That is, the hanging weight, warping, bending, twisting, diagonal deformation test, strong switch and switch fatigue test of the suspension end of the door and window are measured.

Applicable standards:
GB/T11793-2008 "unplasticized polyvinyl chloride plastic doors and windows mechanical properties and weathering performance test method"

GB/T9158-2015-Test Methods for Mechanical Properties of Building Doors and Windows
JG/T192-2006 Test Method for Repeated Opening and Closing Performance of Building Doors and Windows

Test Item:
Determination of the force required to operate the switch
Determination of the switch fatigue performance of doors and windows
Warping or bending deformation test

Determination of the capacity of the window when it is closed with great force
Twist test  
Diagonal deformation test

Deformation and damage of measuring window under abnormal force

Technical parameters:



Sash window switch speed


Maximum force application value

(0 ~ 500)N

Number of fatigue tests


Set at will within 100000 times, automatic shutdown

Indication precision


Number of window test pieces

≤ 3 pieces

Test force accuracy

0.5 level

Maximum specification of testable parts

2100 × 2400(mm)

Pneumatic pressure


Overall dimension (L×W×H)(scope of equipment work site)

3500 × 4600 × 3700mm

Measurement of maximum displacement deformation

0-50mm, accuracy 0.01mm

casement switch speed

(5~20) times/min

Power supply



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