WLW-1000 microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine

The testing machine is mainly composed of horizontal host, hydraulic station, electric console and computer control system

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1. structure, performance and characteristics
The testing machine is mainly composed of horizontal host, hydraulic station, electric console and computer control system
1. Horizontal host:
The main body of the testing machine adopts the frame horizontal structure:
The hydraulic servo cylinder is installed on the right cylinder seat of the frame, the end of the piston is directly connected with the moving beam through the universal sphere and the force sensor, and the moving beam is connected with the front fixture seat through two lead screws for tensile loading;
The movable rear clamp seat moves left and right along the frame under the push of manual power assistance. When reaching the specified point, the manual power assistance latch mechanism fixes the rear clamp seat on the left and right frames with latches, thus realizing the adjustment of the distance of the rear clamp seat. The longitudinal latch spacing is 0.5 m. The front and rear pulpers are connected with the sample by U-shaped manual latch. Under the action of hydraulic power, the cylinder piston extends to push the beam to push the clamp seat, in order to achieve the cable and other long rope class sample loading test;
A displacement measuring device is installed on the side of the hydraulic cylinder, which is used to measure the stroke of the cylinder and can approximately measure the deformation of the sample; a mobile protective net is installed on the main machine, which plays a protective role during the breaking test;
2. Hydraulic station
This part is the loading power source of the testing machine, which is mainly composed of hydraulic pump unit, proportional valve, electromagnetic directional valve, pressure regulating valve, hydraulic oil tank and hydraulic accessories. The working principle is as follows:
At the beginning of the test, the screw motor starts, pre-pulls the sample through the screw, quickly tightens the sample, and then enters the automatic control loading state, the microcomputer controls the electro-hydraulic servo valve, drives the servo cylinder, and completes the whole test process according to the program.
3. Functions and characteristics of computer and electrical control system:
The 3.1 adopts brand microcomputer, and the special testing machine software can complete the automatic control of test force and displacement in various modes according to national standards, complete the setting of test parameters in the test process, control of the test process, data acquisition, processing, analysis and display, and accurately realize constant velocity displacement control and constant velocity test force control;
3.2 the screen display function of test force, peak value, sample deformation, piston displacement and test curve, the special system of full keyboard input operation and intelligent setting of control mode realizes the smooth switching between various control modes, so that the system has the greatest flexibility;
3.3 perfect test curve graphics processing function: the curve can automatically track and adjust during the test, can print and save the curve, the curve can be partially enlarged, can also be full-screen enlarged, can track the curve browsing, observation data, etc.
3.4 powerful report processing functions: reports can be printed, saved and previewed, and data can be automatically filled into reports. The user can customize the report format according to the requirements, and it is convenient and intuitive, which is not available in the general testing machine software;
The 3.5 has perfect protection measures: hydraulic and electrical parts, with overvoltage, overcurrent and other protection measures, the software has test force, displacement, deformation and other overrun protection, so that the equipment from damage;
2. main technical indicators:
1. Maximum test force: 1000kN.;
2. Measurement range and accuracy of test force: 2% -100%;
3. Loading hydraulic cylinder piston stroke: 2000mm.;
4. The effective distance adjustment range between the front and rear fixture seats: 0.5 m-15m;
5. Rear fixture seat moving and adjusting spacing: 0.5m;
6. Displacement (deformation) measurement range and accuracy: 0-2000mm; Accuracy is better than ± 0.1mm
7. Tensile moving speed loading of front and rear fixture seats: 80 mm/min;
8. Control mode: constant test force control/constant displacement control;
9. Frame assembly form: welded steel structure
10 The overall dimensions of the main machine of the testing machine are about (length x width x height m): about 21.5x 1.9x 0.8 m
11 testing machine hydraulic system power: 10.0 kW
12 stretch space 15M
13 Test width 1000mm
12. Protection function:
a) Limit protection of oil cylinder;
B) Overload and overflow protection of hydraulic system
c) Test force overload protection
d) Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
e) Safety net protection when the sample is broken
Main 3. Configuration and Quotation
1. Main machine of testing machine: 1 set;
Mainly include:
1.1 hydraulic cylinder and cylinder seat (inlet seal) 1 set
1.2 Left and right welding frame assembly, guide rail, etc. 1 set
1.3 front pulling tool assembly (including lead screw, movable cross beam, etc.) 1 set
1.4 rear pull head assembly (including bolt fixing and sample bolt hanger) 1 set
2. Electro-hydraulic servo loading system (hydraulic station) 1 set
2.1 Italy low noise company high pressure gear pump 1 set
2.2 Italy ATOS proportional servo valve 1 set
2.3 Italy ATOS servo valve amplifier 1 set
2.4 high pressure solenoid valve 1 set
2.5 high pressure paint filter (domestic famous brand) 2 sets
2.6 air filter and other hydraulic accessories 1 set
3. The test machine control system includes:
3.1 computer control system 1 set
3.2 displacement (deformation) measuring device (inlet) 1 set
3.3 test force sensor 1000kN 1 set
3. 4 Lenovo microcomputer 1 set
3.5 printer 1 set
3.6 servo valve and manual open-loop console 1 set
3.7 Tianchen Testing Machine Special Control and Processing Software

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