Plastic door and window angular strength testing machine XYJ-20B

This machine is mainly used to detect the fracture strength of the welded corner of plastic doors and windows.

Key words:

Product Details

1. uses:

This machine is mainly used to detect the fracture strength of the welded corner of plastic doors and windows.

2. applicable standards:

GB/T 8814 "Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) profiles for doors and windows"

3. main technical indicators:

1. Maximum test force: 20kN;

2. Accuracy of test force: ± 1%;

3. Loeling speed: 50±5 mm/min;

4. Power supply voltage: 380V ± 10%,50Hz;

5. Overall dimension: 950 × 460 × 1590mm;

6. Weight: 230kg.

4. product structure:

This machine is mainly composed of host and electrical system. The main machine is a welded frame structure, the motor and the deceleration mechanism are installed under the main machine, and the deceleration mechanism drives the screw to rotate, so that the worktable mounted on the lifting nut rises or falls. The load sensor and the upper pressure plate are installed under the upper beam of the host. When the worktable rises, pressure is applied to the test piece. The load sensor sends the test force signal to the amplifier and A/D converter, which is processed by the microprocessor and then displayed and printed. Electrical measurement and control part installed in the front of the host, the operation is very convenient. The sliding plate for installing the test piece is installed on the working table, which can easily clamp the test piece. For safety, a limit stop is installed on the lifting nut of the testing machine. When the limit stop meets the limit switch, the motor stops immediately.

5. product functions and features:

1, the use of mechanical and electrical integration design, by the host and electric control box composed of two parts, the machine structure is advanced and reasonable, easy to use.

2, single-chip data acquisition system and high-precision load sensor, to achieve electronic measurement, digital display, so that the data test is accurate, stable and reliable performance.

3. The unique design of the pulley-type automatic adjustment mechanism enables the sample to be automatically aligned during the loading process, effectively eliminating the friction between the old model sample and the cushion block, making the test method more scientific and the result more accurate.

4. With automatic printing function, the test results can be recorded.

6. product configuration:

Serial Number

Configuration Name

Specifications and models


Brand or place of origin





Jinan Tianchen







Load sensor



Jinan Taiqin


Micro Printer



Beijing Xunpu


Electric control cabinet



Jinan Tianchen

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