PWS series electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal testing machine

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PWS-200dynamic and static test system

1. Overview:

Electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine<short for testing machine> is mainly used to test the dynamic characteristics of metal, non-metal and composite materials at room temperature (or high and low temperature, corrosive environment). The testing machine can carry out the following tests:

  1. Tearing, compression and shear fatigue durability test
  2. crack propagation test
  3. fracture toughness

The closed-loop servo control system composed of electric controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor, extensometer and computer can automatically and accurately control the test process and automatically measure the test parameters such as test force, displacement and deformation.

Testing machine can be achievedIt can realize sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth wave and other waveforms, and can carry out mechanical tests such as tension, compression, bending, low cycle and high cycle fatigue. Environmental test equipment can also be configured to complete environmental simulation tests at different temperatures.

The testing machine is flexible and convenient to operateThe lifting, locking and sample clamping of the moving beam are all completed by button operation. Advanced hydraulic servo drive technology is adopted to load, high-precision dynamic load sensor and high-resolution magnetostrictive displacement sensor to measure the force value and displacement of the sample. Realization of Fully Digital Measurement and Control SystemForce, deformation, displacementPID control, smooth conversion between the control., test software inWINDOWS XP/Win7 Chinese working environment, powerful data processing function, test conditions and test results automatically save, display and print. The test process is all controlled by computer. The test machine is an ideal cost-effective test system for scientific research institutes, metallurgical buildings, national defense and military industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries.

The testing machine can not only carry out dynamic high and low cycle fatigue test, program control fatigue test, but also carry out static constant rate, constant strain, constant stress control test and various conventional mechanical performance tests. It can also carry out fracture mechanics test, and can also carry out partial vibration and impact test according to needs, it is also possible to test the fatigue life, crack propagation, fracture toughness performance of materials or components in a broad range, safety evaluation of actual specimens, and simulation of working conditions.

  • ReferenceStandard:
  1. GB/T 261General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines
  2. GB/T16825.1 "static uniaxial testing machine inspection part 1: tension and (or) pressure testing machine force measurement system inspection and calibration"
  3. GB/T 16826 Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
  4. JB/T 8612 Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
  5. JB9397 "technical conditions of tensile and compression fatigue testing machine"
  6. GB/T 3075 "metal axial fatigue test method"
  7. GB/T15248 "Metallic materials axial equal amplitude low cycle fatigue test method"
  8. GB/T21143 Unified test method for quasi-static fracture toughness of metallic materials
  9. HG/T 2067Technical conditions for rubber fatigue testing machine"
  10. ASTM E399-09metallic materials linear elastic plane strain fracture toughnessKic Standard Test"
  11. ASTM E1820A measure of fracture toughnessTest standard of JIC"
  12. T/CECS 10080Epoxy adhesive for assembling precast segments"

The main components of the test equipment are:

1. High stiffnessFourColumn door type main loading frame;

2. Intelligent constant pressure power source;

3. Full digital dynamic and static control system;

4, Chinese and English man-machine dialogue lower computer operation application software;

5,LenovoComputer and printer;

6Test-related conventional auxiliary equipment               

  • MainTechnical indicators:



Maximum test force (dynamic,static)


Load Frame




Column diameter


Test space


Test force measurement range


Test forceAccuracy

Static test forceBetter Than Indication±0.5%;Dynamic test forceBetter Than Indication±1%;

Test force resolution

1/500000Code(1000000 yards)

Displacement measurement range(amplitude)

±75mm(Total Travel150mm)

Displacement measurement resolution




Frequency range

Standard machine0.01-20HZ      

main waveform

Sine wave,TriangleWave, square wave,oblique wave(mainly supported by the controller)


ForcedHydraulicFixture bodyandT/CECS 10080-2020 Tensile Shear Fixture

Equipment coaxiality


Constant pressure servo servo pump station

Standard: flow60L/min, pressure 21MPa, total power 55kw, system configuration In-line water cooler installed on the oil return line

Pressure stabilizing oil separator and piping system

The filtering accuracy is3μ precision filter (with clogging signal alarm device)

Full digital hydraulic servo controller

Based onFull digital hydraulic servo controller based on PCI bus;

Force, displacement, deformation full digitalPID closed-loop control, control mode can be switched smoothly without disturbance;

The computer screen displays the test parameters, automatically depicts the test curve, and the data processing method is related to the test requirements specified in various domestic and international standards.

Overall dimensions of the host (long× width × height)

1100 × 1050 × 2950mm

Host reference stiffness

3 × 108N/m

Host weight approx.




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