WEW-1000 of screen display type hydraulic testing machine

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Processing customization: Yes



Type: HydraulicUniversal testing machine

Measurement range:0-1000kN


Maximum load:1000kN

Stretch space:650mm


1. equipment use:
This machine is suitable for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of metal materials, and meets the requirements of GB/T228 "Tensile Test Method for Metallic Materials at Room Temperature. It can also be used for compression tests of non-metallic materials such as cement and concrete. After the addition of special aids, the mechanical properties of fasteners, wire ropes and components can be tested. It is an ideal testing instrument for quality inspection departments, engineering quality inspection units, colleges and universities and industrial and mining enterprises.
2. main technical indicators:
1. Test force: 1000kN;
2. Accurate measurement range: 20-1000kN;
3. Accuracy of deformation measurement: ± 0.5%F.S;
4. Deformation measurement sub-level: × 1, × 2, × 5, × 10;
5. Test tensile space: 650mm;
6. Test compression space: 600mm;
7. Clamping diameter of round sample: φ13-φ60mm;
8. Clamping width of flat sample: 120mm;
9. Clamping thickness of flat specimen: 0-40mm;
10. Size of upper and lower pressure plates: 210 × 210mm;
11. Piston stroke: 250mm;
12. Bending roller spacing: 30-800mm; Roller width: 160mm;
13. Software and user interface: software and interactive man-machine dialogue operation interface under WINDOWS operation environment;
14. Power supply of the whole machine: three-phase four-wire power supply (380V,50Hz), with a total power of 2kW
15. Overall dimensions of the host: host: 1070 × 850 × 2530(mm)
Control cabinet: 600 × 600 × 1165(mm)
16. Main machine weight: 4100kg, control cabinet: 200kg

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