Series Microcomputer-controlled Electro-hydraulic Servo Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

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The testing machine is mainly used for cable, optical cable, wire rope, steel strand, chain, conveyor belt, lifting belt and other rope materials tensile strength test, the host adopts hydraulic cylinder loading, load sensor force measurement, microcomputer control and display print output test results and other advanced technologies.
1. The machine adopts a horizontal frame structure. The space adjustment is completed by the oil cylinder dragging the beam and the hydraulic automatic bolt. The servo proportional valve, the key component of the electro-hydraulic servo oil source, is imported from ATOS Company.
2, PC full digital controller through the electro-hydraulic servo system loading, using the Italian ATOS DLHZO type electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve to complete the closed-loop control of the testing machine, high response speed and control accuracy.
3. It has strong pollution resistance and high reliability. The machine is equipped with a control and data processing software package based on database technology working in Windows 07/Xp environment. It has the functions of test data acquisition, processing, storage and screen display, and has the local area of test data.
Network Sharing and Distributed Processing Capability

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