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Portal Loading Frame Test System

It is mainly used for demonstration test and teaching test of civil engineering undergraduate teaching, and can also be used as loading system of scientific research test. According to the different construction plans of the structural laboratory, the main part can adopt the lead screw beam structure with adjustable test space or the back-shaped self-reaction frame structure with fixed test space.

Basic functions:
Complete the normal section of reinforced concrete simply supported beam bending, oblique section failure test.

Main technical indicators:

  1. The electro-hydraulic servo pseudo-static actuator is used to load the sample and can be configured according to user needs.50t or 20t actuator.
  2. The mobile electro-hydraulic servo oil source is the power source of the loading system. It has an air-cooled system and can work continuously for a long time. The rated flow rate is3L/min, rated working pressure 25MPa.
  3. AdoptPOP-PI single-channel controller, the controller takes IPC as the core, and the software works under Windows to complete the closed-loop control of test force and displacement.
  4. With distribution beams, bending supports and related accessories, bending tests of beams and compression tests of columns can be completed.
  5. Equipped according to user needsDH3816 and other data acquisition system, to achieve the automatic acquisition of strain gauge data.

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