1m ³ formaldehyde and VOC emission detection climate box

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Equipment introduction
1m3 formaldehyde and VOC release detection climate box is commonly used in building materials, furniture, wood-based panels, sofas, toys, automotive interiors, electronic products and other industries in the determination of formaldehyde and VOC release. The variation of formaldehyde and VOC emission in the product was detected, and the product was classified. It can also maintain a certain constant temperature and humidity environment, maintain a very low background concentration (formaldehyde, VOC) and appropriate wind speed, for the pre-treatment of experimental samples.
Two equipment characteristics
1. The main power supply is single-phase 220V, adopting advanced energy-saving control mode, and the average operating power consumption of the whole machine is as low as 1KW;
2. The main electrical components are all of the German Siemens brand, the frequency converter is of the Japanese Yaskawa brand, and the air flow meter is of the American Sixiang brand, which ensures the stable and reliable operation of the whole machine;
3. The touch screen can display the main parameters such as temperature and humidity, as well as real-time air flow and wind speed in the warehouse. The air flow is adjusted by the manual control valve on the front panel of the equipment, and the wind speed can be determined directly through the touch screen interface parameters;
4. The equipment gas path adopts stainless steel pipe and sleeve type joint to ensure the sealing and cleanliness of the gas path;
5. Work box inner wall stainless steel mirror, full welding polishing;
6. The air inlet system passes through multiple air purification and filtering devices to ensure the cleanliness of the air supply;
7. Climate box for a long time to maintain low background concentration, by the efficient air purification system to remove the pollutants released from the sample, to ensure that the background concentration meets the test requirements;
8. Equipped with a set of temperature, humidity and wind speed verification frame, and reserved air flow verification port;
9. Realize water tank water level water shortage alarm, a key automatic water function, saving manpower;
10. Realize the real-time monitoring function of the internal temperature of the water tank, and immediately alarm if there is any abnormality;
11. Automatic data recording, real-time curve browsing, historical data storage, browsing, export (USB storage device);
12. The following control methods can be realized (the default local control method, other methods are optional)
a) Local control: directly operate the equipment on the touch screen;
B) remote control: can be anywhere through WEB or mobile APP, remote access and control equipment.

Three reference standards
LY/T 1980 "Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde Emission Test Box"
GB 18580-Limit of Formaldehyde Emission from Wood-based Panels and Products of Interior Decoration Materials
GB 18587-Limits for Release of Harmful Substances from Carpets, Carpet Liners and Carpet Adhesives for Interior Decoration Materials
GB/T 29592 "Building adhesives-Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and aldehydes released"
GB/T 17657 "wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels physical and chemical properties test method"
ASTM D 6330 Standard for Determination of VOC Emissions from Wood Panels by Small Environmental Chamber under Specified Test Conditions
EVN-13419-1 "Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Construction Products Part 1 Release Test Room Method"
ISO 16000-9 "Indoor air-Part 9: Determination of volatile organic compounds emitted by building products and furniture-Test box method" four main technical specifications
1 Main technical parameters
① Volume: (1±0.02)m3;
Temperature adjustable range:(15~40)℃, accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃, resolution: 0.1 ℃;
Relative humidity adjustable range:(30~80)% RH, accuracy: ± 3% RH, resolution: 0.1% RH;
Air velocity:(0.1~0.3)m/s, accuracy: ± 0.05 m/s;
⑤ Air replacement rate:(20% -200)/ h.
⑥ Background concentration: a) formaldehyde background value: ≤ 0.006 mg/ m3;
B) Single VOC background value: ≤ 0.002 mg/ m3;
c)TVOC background value: ≤ 0.02 mg/ m3.
2 Use of environmental conditions
① Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃;
Ambient relative humidity: not more than 85% RH;
③ Power supply: 220V ± 10%,50Hz;
④ No direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources;
⑤ No strong airflow is directly blown onto the equipment;
⑥ There is no strong vibration around;
⑦ There is no strong electromagnetic field interference around;
No high concentration of dust or corrosive substances around;
⑨ The site is well ventilated, and the following two ventilation methods can be selected:
(1) The outdoor air is clean, with good natural ventilation conditions;
⑵ Indoor installation of fresh air system (customer self-matching);
The water for the water temperature does not exceed 30 ℃ distilled water or deionized water.

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